“Territorial marketing for Airport regions” Conference on February 14th, 2013


The Airport Regions Conference (ARC), the Val d'Oise Regional Council, the Economic Expansion Committee of Val d'Oise and Hubstart Paris® are getting together to organise a conference about “Territorial marketing for Airport regions”, to be held in Cergy-Pontoise (Paris Region) on February 14th, 2013.

The combined impact of new airlines upsetting the established order, new international airports, new regional airports, emerging hubs, intensifying air traffic and the advent of air/rail synergy is causing fundamental changes in what makes an airport region attractive.   

Given such a background of international transformation, it appears necessary for airport regions to update their growth strategy. Under what conditions can regions hosting an international airport area maintain their attractiveness? Who are the players to be rallied to the issue, what are the cooperative schemes to be organised? What are the tools to be used?

Such are the challenges to be examined during this conference, bringing together representatives from airport regions in Europe (London, Frankfurt, Madrid and others) with those of Greater Roissy, and providing representatives from Washington DC, Atlanta and Osaka with an opportunity to express their views.

Also, a European Union representative will present the Union’s working prospects in such a changing international outlook.


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