Key figures Paris CDG & Le Bourget area 2017!

This document presents the key figures of 4 structuring sectors in the territory of Paris CDG & Le Bourget area:

•    Logistic

•  Tourism

• Airports & Aeronautics

• Trade


You can also find the economic profile of the territory and its assets as well as a map of the territory representing the major economic centers by sector.


To download the 2017 key figures of the territory of Paris CDG & Le Bourget area: Click here!


Monthly traffic update in Europe’s airport areas

The traffic update provides a comparative overview of passenger traffic, cargo data and aircraft movements. It compares five leading European airport areas: Paris-Charles de Gaulle, London Heathrow, Frankfurt-Fraport, Amsterdam-Schiphol and Madrid-Barajas :


Comparative table April 2018

Comparative table May 2018

Comparative table June 2018

Comparative table July 2018

Comparative table August 2018


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Hubstart Paris Region® Alliance - 2014 Report

Created in 2009, the Hubstart Paris Region® Alliance aims to enhance the attractiveness of the Paris CDG Airport Area in the face of global competition from major airport areas. The Alliance further established itself in 2014 by bringing in new stakeholders from the area, to speak with a single voice on our desire to be the premier European airport site in the medium term.
This brochure describes the numerous promotional and prospective activities carried out in 2014, confirming the strategic position of this exceptional location.


Paris Roissy CDG Airport Area - Gateway to European markets

The Hubstart Paris Region® Alliance is here to help you to establish and to develop your business in the most vibrant, fastest growing, high performance and international location in Europe. This business focused geographic location that surrounds the Paris-Charles de Gaulle international Airport is just 15 minutes from northern Paris.
We will provide the business and technical support for your establishment and development. We will bring the local knowledge, the regional understanding and ability to mobilize our public and private partners for the benefit of your business.

Paris Roissy CDG Airport Area - Gateway to European Markets



Sustainable Airport Areas International Seminar

Since 2011, the Hubstart Paris Region® Alliance has been organising a yearly Sustainable Airport Areas International Seminar. The event brings together the world’s foremost airport areas and attracts a great many participants every time. The two-day event features conferences and focus workshops to exchange best practices and discuss a common approach regarding airport area sustainability.
Below you will find the synthesis and minutes of the previous seminars:

2nd edition in Atlanta (October 2012) - "Sustainable Airport Areas: a worldwide metropolitan phenomenon":
Minutes - Sustainable Airport Area International Seminar – 2nd edition – 2012
Synthesis - Sustainable Airport Area International Seminar – 2nd edition – 2012

3rd edition in Paris CDG Airport Area (October 2013) - "Global challenges and strategies towards sustainable airport areas":
Minutes - Sustainable Airport Areas International Seminar - 2013
Synthesis -Sustainable Airport Areas International Seminar - 3rd edition - 2013


Gateway to business aviation

Hubstart Paris® is Europe’s leading business aviation cluster, and offers a very wide range of set-up and development options for companies working in the fields of air transport, back-up services, flying training, aircraft maintenance and even manufacturing.





Air cargo

The Hubstart Paris® focal point is Paris-Charles de Gaulle international airport. This makes it an open gateway to markets throughout France and Europe – and, for cargo businesses, an outstanding location on every level.