Our Airport Area

The world’s big international airports are becoming focal points of the global economy. In France, the area surrounding Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport (the "Greater Roissy" or Paris CDG Airport Area) is one of the major hubs for growth and job creation in the Paris Region. This area, which extends into the three départements of Seine-et Marne, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val d’Oise, currently provides more than 260,000 jobs across the whole of the private sector. It’s also the most effective transport hub in Europe. What’s more, the thousands of companies established or in the process of setting up here can choose from a wide array of real estate options.

Situated 30 kilometres north of Paris, the Paris CDG Airport Area is your key gateway to French and European economies and markets. This exceptional business hub currently provides over 260,000 private sector jobs, and is equipped with all the infrastructures you are likely to need as you develop your business.

A location that’s completely committed to the business world

By choosing the Paris CDG Airport Area, businesses benefit from:

This business location also provides companies and their employees with an exceptional environment in which to live and work, with regional nature parks, leisure facilities, golf courses, shops and more.

The range of facilities gets a little wider every day, thanks to the completion of new projects by state and private property investors.

There’s a long list of projects under way that will help your business grow

In tandem with the area’s economic development strategy, the French government and regional authorities have launched a number of major building projects to develop and reshape the area as a whole.
The two most powerfully symbolic projects under the so-called ‘Grand Paris’ umbrella are:

In addition to these, several other major facilities are currently being built:

To extend a better welcome to international companies, several industrial estates are in the process of being expanded or built from scratch, including Parc Mail at Roissy-en-France, the international district of Sud CDG, the industrial estate at Le Bourget airport, the emerging site at Gonesse-Roissy, and the eco campus at Cergy-Pointoise.
Several of these projects are founded on principles of sustainable development, the better to protect the natural environment and standards of living. (To find out more, click here)

The Paris CDG Airport Area: the key sites and major facilities