Information Center

Learn more about the key facts and figures and strategic advantages of the Paris-Charles de Gaulle international airport area.


To help you understand the advantages of our region and realize your market potential, we provide free of charge all the relevant information and statistics on local markets, clients, partners and suppliers. With assistance from our partners, we collect and compile up-to-date statistics and facts about our area, including infrastructure, job market, wages and property market.


Hubstart Live is our interactive map which uses Microsoft Kinect technology, allowing you to visit our show-room and discover the airport area virtually!



Our operational team includes information specialists who design and deliver individual presentations for each visitor. The Hubstart Paris Center provides:

-          First class reception services to assist companies in setting-up subsidiaries

-          Exclusive and individualized presentations

-          Personalized welcome for foreign delegations interested in learning more about the airport area.

More than 1200 delegations, 25% of which foreign, have been welcomed in the Hubstart Paris Center.